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Epicsoundwaves 6 points ago +6 / -0

People are shocked that I, in LA county CA have been maskless since mid May.

Take off your fucking masks y'all. It's craziness. You know how many people have told me how brave I am? Do you know the rush of euphoria I feel walking into fucking Target without a mask? You k ow how happy that shit makes me? I can't help but smile. And I'm glad. People need to know how happy and freeing it is to not comply with bullshit rules. I love being a pretty 25 year old maskless female, I always make sure I'm extra nice when I'm not wearing it.

Our fucking governor won't even listen to the CDC and now we know who the absolute idiots are who listen to Newsom over the CDC. They are labeled in my book as the people I'm throwing under the bus first if shit gets real again. Fuck them. They're the reason millions have died from not covid. Stop saying you're for the science when you would rather listen to a recalled governor than the CDC.