Based Mike Rowe (media.patriots.win)
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Everything the left hates.

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Friend of Dorothy.

Which, considering his priorities, just makes me like him more.

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Never seen any proof of it, and I know people who have seen him out and about in SF with a woman. He addressed his lack of wives and kids a way back, he said he was too selfish to be a parent. I think it was on Reddit, so search at your own risk over there. And, he's been extremely private, which I respect.

But considering his stance, it's not surprising that he's being accused of being gay, because for all of the 'pride" on the left for gays, they sure love using it as a slur to attack people who are conservative.

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Who cares if hes gay? The left.

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Great narrator voice as well. I love that he works with trade schools to get kids into skilled jobs. I went to college out of high school, and it was a waste. If I went to a 2 year trade school, I would have been making $100k within 5-7 years. Linesman, plumbers, electrician's, carpenters get paid extremely well, and there will never be a shortage of openings. If you really wanna make bank, become a rod buster or iron worker. But, being a rod buster takes a certain breed of dude. I was on a bridge in KC a few years ago, and the rebar guys unloaded, packed, and tied over a million pounds of steel in just over a week. By far, the most physically demanding job I've ever done, but the pay, if it's union scaled, is upwards of $50 an hour. Not many non degree careers will get you that kind of money.