Based Mike Rowe (media.patriots.win)
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Great narrator voice as well. I love that he works with trade schools to get kids into skilled jobs. I went to college out of high school, and it was a waste. If I went to a 2 year trade school, I would have been making $100k within 5-7 years. Linesman, plumbers, electrician's, carpenters get paid extremely well, and there will never be a shortage of openings. If you really wanna make bank, become a rod buster or iron worker. But, being a rod buster takes a certain breed of dude. I was on a bridge in KC a few years ago, and the rebar guys unloaded, packed, and tied over a million pounds of steel in just over a week. By far, the most physically demanding job I've ever done, but the pay, if it's union scaled, is upwards of $50 an hour. Not many non degree careers will get you that kind of money.