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Bringing some attention to our beta mobile site, available at m.communities.win. For The Donald, m.communities.win/c/thedonald.

Of course, it's a mobile site, so it's not recommended to visit on desktop.

For more info, see this changelog from last week.

Feedback (both positive and negative) would be appreciated in the comments.

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THANK YOU for partitioning mobile/desktop. The initial static load is essential for desktops and not optimal for mobile clients, who benefit more from a db/backend JSON approach with a sliding window so initial load completes quickly. Early browser detection (from separate hostname if necessary) and a parallel codebase is the good approach. The rest of the net is doing it wrong, and what most often happens is desktop users are being forced to swallow ridiculous mobile compromises and bloated js abominations that build all the content HTML client-side.

Desktop static page loads are damned quick and will stay that way. And when you serve desktops lots of text the server doesn't have to serve them again for a 'long time' as people are busy reading.

For example, this topic page initial load is now ~154,398 bytes HTML to present ~29,642 bytes of plain visible text on the page. That's good but could be better.

I would like to see the initial page message threshold increased to show more messages, maybe even twice as much, so for 'top' more messages are selected for the initial page. The cutoff point for 'top' and 'worst' (and some black hole space in between) is resulting in valuable messages with 1 point or 0 point to drop off the edge of the 'top' world too quickly, disappearing from the list before they have a reasonable chance to gain upvotes.

Case in point: this message. It has now disappeared from the initial load within 5 minutes. I'm just speaking to you and myself now.

Thank you for all you do!