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CRT, climate change, gender study and voter integrity are topics they are expected to challenge the teacher and walk out of class!! Please instruct your conservative kids to push back in some way. ENOUGH!!!

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My kids are conservative!! I instilled certain beliefs in them. Hiding them from people they do not agree with is small minded. All 3 are in high school in the fall. I teach them to think for themselves and use logic. I know they will not be indoctrinated. I have been on top of a few issues and I believe they are stronger conservatives for experiencing liberal think. If that makes me a bad parent so be it. I really don’t care what internet bullies call me because I am a conservative. Exposing them and challenging them will only make them stronger and perhaps inspire other conservatives to join in the fight. Believe it or not they are homeschooled in every way other than reading, writing and arithmetic.

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Oh, I thought they were younger than that.

OK. You know best.