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CRT, climate change, gender study and voter integrity are topics they are expected to challenge the teacher and walk out of class!! Please instruct your conservative kids to push back in some way. ENOUGH!!!

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Democrat parents teach kids they are democrats and republicans are bad from grade school. The schools then reinforce it and the media promotes this as well.

Well sonavabitch these kids then believe that Democrats are good and Republicans are bad because that's all they have known. They then bad mouth Republicans and promote Democrat ideology because kids do just parrot till they get older.

Meanwhile Republicans keep politics away from their kids and wonder why their kids turned into Democrats from school.

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Be a parent and have some discussion from early ages and stay engaged with them. I believe if done properly the bs pushed on them will push almost everyone of them to the right. Be an informed parent. I Talk about the other side let them know why I believe what I do. Your children will absolutely love and crave the communication. BTW my 17 yr old joined me Jan 6.

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I did love talking to my dad about politics but he was a Democrat. When I was 17 I was making photoshops of Republicans crossed with Hitler because I thought Republicans were literally fascist rich white men trying to destroy the working man.

I live in a Republican state but I had almost no intelligent conversation pushback except for online.