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Maybe it’s just the fbi or the morons on here but I’ve noticed so much hatred towards women lately on here. I get jokes, I can take jokes, but this has been coming from a much angrier place. I’m going to give some fun facts.

A lot of women love masculinity. We do not find it toxic.

A lot of women love gender roles. You mow the lawn, I handle the house.

A lot of women are not “feminists”. I would prefer a male boss and a male president.

A lot of women can think for themselves and are not liberal Karen’s. Example: I have known covid was a government ploy from about February 2020.

A lot of women stand up to the establishment. Example: I wore a mask that said “plandemic” for the first month of covid and then refused to wear one.

Just remember that a lot of us are on the same side. There doesn’t need to be more division than there already is, especially when we support the exact same ideals.


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That’s the response you get here anytime posting a dissenting opinion on any subject.