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EggPlanter 149 points ago +167 / -18

Yeah, pretty much regardless of what they find, do next, don’t do next. Nothing can “undo” the severity of this point.

cryogen 203 points ago +203 / -0

Oh, States certainly can undo their mistake. But it will take huge actions and huge pressure.

REDMARAUDER 228 points ago +232 / -4

Exactly. Republicans control 33-34 states. Refuse to uphold any federal policy until this is fixed by either Congress or the Supreme Court. Hell just start kicking federal employees out of your state. This illegitimate regime has no constitutional authority.

And if any Republican balks or tells us to just try again in 2024 we need to fucking go antifa on their family until they fucking relent. I'm so sick and tired of Republicans claiming we need to compromise just to keep the union stable. Fuck that. We control the guns. They do what WE say.