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She's a 22 year old Puerto Rican. Right off the bat, I assumed she would be a liberal, just based off her age and race. We haven't met yet, just started randomly talking. But I was talking to her all damn day and really liking her. In my mind I'm like "wow she's so cute and easy to talk to, but I guarantee she's a trump hater"

Anyway, we ended up talking politics. I was honestly afraid to talk about it, but I figured what the heck. I mentioned the whole AOC story with her grandma's house in PR that was destroyed from the hurricane, and the conservative effort to donate money, which AOC's family ultimately turned down.

Her response took me off guard because I expected an argument, but here's what she said.

"So that happened the fall of my sophomore year I believe. And a year later we were having discourse in one of my intergovernmental admin courses. My professor wanted us to write 8 page papers about Trump’s failure in PR

I refused to do it. I wrote an 11 page paper, with resources, about the Federal Government’s responses to different natural disasters in the past decade. The goal of it was to show that Trump didn’t fail Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has been failing itself for the past 30 years and wanted to use Hurricane Maria as a bail out from their own corruption. Yes, I saw the warehouse of supplies. Put that in the paper as well. I also cited false claims made by the mayor of San Juan, the one who went on CNN screaming that Trump abandoned PR and that PR didn’t have means to take care of itself in the storm’s aftermath. I also included every source that showed the outpour of support and resources to PR. I ended it by “inviting further research” into every democratic failure in major metropolitan area in the US, and how the most poverty-stricken areas are ran by Democrats, I said that’s a crisis response failure happening daily with no media coverage."

Guys. This is a young, hot Latina girl. I never expected that kind of response. Is she a keeper or what?

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Propose immediately