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That would have to be one of the saddest things. All these parents/relatives claiming pride are in some kind of trauma induced delusion.

MAGAguitar 17 points ago +18 / -1

Don't they just end up with a fake vagiole that smells like feces?

chesswhilehigh 24 points ago +25 / -1

Yeah. And you have to “dilate” it every day.

That’s when you have to stick a rod or dildo into the wound, because the body is trying to close it up.

It isn’t a transformation. It is an open festering wound.

And if it gets gangrene it’ll smell like cheese/feces and you’ll need the dead tissue removed.

BloodElfSupporter 21 points ago +23 / -2

This is so disturbingly horrific.

I am quite effeminate and had wanted to “transition” when I was a liberal, but chopping my dick off and having an artificial “vagina” was never something that even crossed my mind.

chesswhilehigh 20 points ago +21 / -1

As a community, I think we are all glad and grateful you did not hurt yourself in that fashion.

Good luck, brother.

BloodElfSupporter 13 points ago +15 / -2

Thanks mate! I’m glad I read your reply and it helped me reaffirm my decision to not get the “surgery”.

chesswhilehigh 14 points ago +15 / -1

It’s not even surgery it is a satanic ritual.

Like, the symbolism, the biblical narrative and all of the implications behind all of this stuff are such an affront to God, I would be too scared to do it even if I was an atheist.

Mountaineer 4 points ago +10 / -6

Sorry about your childhood sexual abuse. That's pretty fucked up. I hope you're getting the proper help.

BloodElfSupporter 10 points ago +10 / -0

No worries. I actually grew up in a loving family, except that my father was very traditional and strict. I’m actually quite happy where I am and don’t need therapy, but appreciate your concern.

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I'm glad you didn't transition. It is okay to be effeminate, in my opinion. If you are attracted to the opposite maybe you won't be everyone's type, but who is anyway? You'll have unique challenges and you'll deal with them creativity. Life is hard on many people, you are not the only one.

Bottom line, this is not a transition-worthy. 99% of the time it is a self-destructive behavior. That's my opinion. It could be inaccurate.

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I thought you just get neutered by having your balls removed and your ballsack stitched up, while your dick remains intact.

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Yes. It is the body rejecting the damage done to it but muh gender is just a social construct.

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nebu 4 points ago +5 / -1

yikes i'd killmyself too

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See why they kill themselves at such a high percentage. The rest don't do it cause they didn't cut off their dicks.

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So then the hole gets bigger?

Just like a divorcee.

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I actually saw a video of a sex change operation at a Butthole Surfer concert in the 80s. They invert the penis by basically stuffing it up inside your groin to form the 'vagina', and relocate the head to form the 'clitoris' (FYI I am using quotes because the parts aren't real and never will be.). I think the scrotum is used to create 'lips'. It was very interesting, considering the loud music and drugs/alcohol involved at the time.

Basically, you turn yourself into an organic blow-up doll down there.

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the worst thing the APA could have done was say gender dysmorphia wasn't a mental illness

trans folk kill themselves cause they don't look like the gender they feel they are most the time, and it's fucking tragic.

other trans folk who do look like the gender they feel they are - live "normal" lives.

equating people who display themselves as gender non-conforming to trans people is fucking repugnant and it's exactly what the left has done

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Yeah. I mean, it's easy to attack these assholes because so many of them basically go around being bullies, "My way or you're evil" and shit,

But deep down, what we are looking at is a person in extreme emotional pain resulting from a mental illness. And that pain and the delusions of the mental illness make them act very badly, but still, we are looking at epic pain.

Worst of all, the bullies make it next to impossible to even try to develop treatments, so the poor devils follow the party line not knowing any better, then when the 'approved course' has ruined them beyond repair, they self terminate.

Eventually, these disorders are problems we need to address with compassion, but without playing into the delusion.

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It also comes with a "misery love's company". I had a good high school friend go down that road, and when he first transitioned we could still have good conversations without his panties getting in a bunch. Then he'd come back from his community and renig on everything we agreed on saying I was just trying to brainwash him. It's a cult. These people are miserable and want others miserable too.

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No argument. Long term, we have people who need help. Medium term we have to beat the cult however we can.

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they've absolutely (social media/MSM) ruined minds of so much innocent people, young men thinking 'I'm not sure what gender I am" changing their names into female names, these people deserve life in prison for mentally handicapping these individuals and giving them the loudest speakers in the world to spread the illness.

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have the same issue in my family but different. my sister is a trans man. we almost never speak becouse she knows that I feel it is mental illness. but it was her that cut me out. I love my sister and even with her mental illness I still want to hear from her and be a part of her life...

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You'll never be a real woman no matter how many times you dilate, either.

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And your “pussy” will smell like literal shit

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With clumps of hair growing inside you.

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Who knew this site was great for sticking to a diet! All you gotta do is read some posts and your appetite goes out the window! LOL!

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fuck, this is the wrong post to read during my dinner

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The emperor has no penis.

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His name is BIG MIKE

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The Femperor has no penis.

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Wimperor what?

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And your tombstone will read the name your parents gave you.

41% Pride! 🌈

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Archeologists in the future will identify you by your hip structure

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As well as the DNA in the bone.

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Trolling tranny reddits is the funniest shit ever. Allyou have to do is point out an adams apple, 5 o clock shadow or a big ol man chin, and then entire place goes fucking crazy.

It is like throwing rocks at monkeys, incoherent screeching and feces slinging.

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I wish you didn't get banned immediately. It would be so much fun trolling those mentally ill degenerates.

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When they post a photo, ignore whatever they say they are and tell them they look amazing and you’re jealous of how well they pass for their real gender.

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Thing is, I never would have done this to anybody. Until they unleashed their sick twisted agenda

ModelMinority 7 points ago +8 / -1

They'll be undesirables. Nobody will want them. Not men, not women. Need to end gay marriages and adoptions so they can't spread their ideas to unsuspecting children too.

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You lost the plot there.

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Not entirely.

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Deus vult.

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I'm not religious but DEUS VULT!!!!

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I have no problem with gay or trans people at all. I do have problems with coercion of malleable people to take extreme action on their body's for some politicians political games.

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I have no problem with the insane not wanting to seek treatment. But that doesn't mean we have to share their delusions.

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This Christian guy at work that I liked and considered my friend had a wife and a son. He did this shit and said he and his wife were sticking together. I was like are they lesbians now? Or is he a cross dresser + a woman spouse. Then she of course ditched him and now he sits there all day ranting about every offensive thing. He's way angier now than he ever was as a man and has no one.

My classmates all said I should accept him as a her now and didn't see anything wrong with it, despite all going to a Christian school. At work one day he decided that I said something offensive by making a joke about a very public failure at the company that all the customers make fun of. So he started a big chat thread talking about how I was wrong about me specifically that everyone upvoted which he would have never done back as a man and my friend.

But he's posting rainbow shit and has rainbow icons but is clearly unhappy and mad at every little thing. Success?

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He sounds like an absolute lunatic

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Because he is.

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Imagine dreaming and longing for years about finally going into that surgery male and coming out a woman.

Imagine the disappointment and despair when you wake up in the recovery room and the reality sets in that you're still the same (male) person you were when you went in, just minus one penis. and you'll never get it back.

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The easiest person to lie to is yourself. You would never tell someone who is anorexic they look great, no matter how much enabling them makes it easier.

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Think about our wonderful Assistant Secretary of Health. When it looks in the mirror, what does it think it sees? Does it believe it is looking at an older female? Does it think, "This is exactly how I saw myself as a woman'? Can it not see the obvious giveaways?

That implies mental illness IMO.

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Plus a horrific axe wound that’s prone to infections and hair balls.

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Pride month my ass.

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Trans-Delusionals believe that all a woman is is a pair of tits.

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Akshually....It's a super-size clitoris YOU BIGOT!

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Cut off your penis? Pfft ….. all you gotta do is say you’re a woman and you’re in!

UndeadRevolver 3 points ago +5 / -2

These stupid bastards confuse being attracted to women with wanting to be one. That's all most of this is, probably.

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You can call yourself a lady, but you will never have a baby.

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In the name of God!

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They don't even actually want to be a real woman. Its why they make such a big deal of being a trans-woman.

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In the words of John MacArthur: "You were born a man, and now you are a castrated man."

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These men are so unsuccessful with women that they cut their penis to avoid dealing with the rejection. They mask their failure with the transgender blah blah blah narrative.

Reminds me a bit of married women that cut their hair when they start getting older, essentially given up on pleasing their men.

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If you let your vices control who you are and how you act, you are not free.

“Thus, a good man, though a slave, is free; but a wicked man, though a king, is a slave. For he serves, not one man alone, but, what is worse, as many masters as he has vices.” – St. Augustine, City of God

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Dear classmate, go back to the closet. Thank you.

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You will always have a long taint kekw

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WPWW Deuce Vault.

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Believe it or not, in the Clown World, this action can easily get you expelled from school and charged criminally with hate crimes, depending on where you are located.

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Can we not talk about this retarded shit?

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Low quality sticky. Again.

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Look at your name. That would be a good start.

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Glad we have so many qualified psychiatrists here so we can be uplifted by your knowledge and wisdom.

Most of you are totally ignorant about this subject.

I’d just chalk it up to freedom of speech but all the hate is difficult to take.