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HocusLocus 10 points ago +10 / -0

I'm oh-so-sorry but this is a Darwin Award.

It is the result of a group who knew from Day One there is a target painted on their back, hiring or receiving 'free' assistance from young idiots who only know how to drop in Web.js super-solutions that result in pretty sites with cool fancy wipes and effects and obscene js loads, delayed serving of crucial components, rampant legacy browser compatability issues (their attitude: use drop in libraries that say FUCK old browsers) ... and not in the least, friendly little cloud solutions that promise glorious uptime but are provided by known corporate fucks like Amazon.

I had visited the Frontliine Doctors site and found the design to be the ultimate in content-obscuring MUSH. Where they should have had early 2000s style simple pages with bare link menus on each page and flowing text and critical things like PDFs served directly from links (iin-line viewer optional and self-hosted) and prominently linked, images statically inlined, the site was plagued by delayed js loads and js-only links and pulldown menus (that work or fail completely, hiding connecting links from web crawlers) that make it impossible to save pages to disk or archive critical information properly. Because some corporate goofball didn't know how to HTML by hand and build a simple site on one host.

Like this site patriots.win is hosted on real hosts behind generic Cloudflare DDOS gateway protection. Now Cloudflare is on the edge of cancel culture fuckery as well but there are 'offshore' alternatives that offer a reasonable DDOS front end to hide servers from attack, and I hope the mods are researching Cloudflare alternatives this very moment.

But Frontline Doctors have to hire someone 50 years or older to implement their website.

ChilledCovfefe 16 points ago +17 / -1

They were using a service called webflow and webflow used aws as a backend. So they probably were not aware since they are medical people not computer people

HocusLocus 7 points ago +7 / -0

Thanks for the information. The end result would be the same if they had used 'Wordpress'. They need to seek help from a skilled, older, reasonably paranoid IT person and the sooner they realize that the better.

We're actually in a good position for safe infrastructure right now, if a paranoid IT person shops around carefully. Plenty of TLD registrars not involved in cancel culture, "as long as it's not illegal" hosting farms, good DDOS protection available from multiple sources. The problem is IT people don't generally know how to build self-reliant completely self-contained site hosting from the ground up.

Subscriber email broadcast is especially troublesome with so many people on gmail, etc. It is very difficult to build email list support -- without predatory cancel companies like Mailchimp whose servers are whitelisted by Google -- without Google shunting to spam.