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StopTheMindvirus 10 points ago +10 / -0

It wasn’t always this way. As a toddler, if my first child wasn’t digging in the trash or chewing on the couch cushions, he was rampaging through the house with an imaginary weapon. He never listened. He tried to run into traffic. The constant wrangling and vigilance were so exhausting that my husband and I didn’t have the energy to play the way my son preferred — anything that involved full-body contact or pretend violence. Instead, I said no and stop all day long, and when my scolding seeped into the playing, I felt guilty and frustrated. I was a terrible playmate, a tired mother who did little beyond obstructing.


In the past, if they couldn’t agree on a game’s direction, I would try to help, only to make it worse: I was a reality-TV host, watching helplessly as my contestants swapped insults at a show reunion. When Mom is there to listen, they turn defensive and mean; when I say, “Figure it out,” they do. I know I’m lucky they have each other to play with, and so I’ve taught myself to hold back. I tell myself they’re learning about compromise and boundaries. As am I. I’m distracted by work (and life). I have a bad temper. I can be critical. And I don’t like to play, especially pretend, or anything with dolls or figures, or any games that ask me to hide or wield a Nerf gun. My motto is “Moms don’t play.”

You know, I'm not big on wrestling or playing with toy cars, but I do it with my son because he loves it and it's how we bond.

I think the dad is at fault here, ime modern moms are far too worried about safety or god forbid "violent play" (ie horseplay) to let loose and live in the moment for a few minutes like their kids.

JonathanE 5 points ago +5 / -0

Teach kids safe gun sense with nerf guns :)

Shroudedf8 8 points ago +8 / -0

HAHA, I initially felt like a numbnut when I was playing Nerfs with my daughter. I instructed her to never look down the barrel and a couple of other things. She was like, "Dad, it's just a Nerf Gun." I told her, "Doesn't matter, never ever do it with any gun."

Never too early to start teaching gun safety!