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linereddit 5 points ago +9 / -4

The only national holiday we should keep is July 4th.

All of the rest, including religious holidays, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day - ALL of the rest - should be dropped, and the time be converted (at the employer's discretion) to paid time off for the employee to use as he sees fit.

If an abundance of paid days off is your priority, take a job that offers a sufficient amount.

Then, if you want two weeks off at Christmas, take it. If you want a week off for your interpretation of "Pride", take it. If you can't stand working on Saint Floyd day, you can make it your very own personal holiday.

But don't ever try to tell me it's fair, just, and right for my employer to pay for it.

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PanoramicBanana 2 points ago +2 / -0

Reductio ad absurdum - stop all holidays, including weekends. And institute a 24h work day.

Problem? It's on you - just find an employer who offers better terms of employment.

Bad argument.

Doesn't change the fact that creating a new federal holiday without considering the impact on our country's productivity is total democrat bullshit, typical for people who suck off the government teat and think money grows on trees.

Socialism always fails when it runs out of other people's money.