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Tiny homes are BS, they are as much BS as large mansions. The cost of a tiny home is sky high in comparison to a regular lets say 1500sqft home. The perceived savings are not worth the major inconvenience. How many if these hipsters permanently live in these "design" studies? Not many. Mostly temporary. Most cost is in interior build out. But also useless "architectural" features cost the future homeowner major $. Dumb roof designs and fake dormers will be expensive and more expensive in the future for re-roofing. Also much more prone to workmanship mistakes. Everyone loves architecture magazines where they show off cool features. A lot of them are government buildings. In each of these artucles you need to search for square footage and the cost. It is often not even mentioned. Guess why? It creates a desire in the reader to have cool things like that as well. But the majority of people cab't afford the size and the $500-900 per square foot prices of those showpieces. A typical client often wants a castle for the price of a dog house or is on a "tight" budget.