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Here's one source:


"I recently learned that these vaccines have likely killed over 25,800 Americans (which I confirmed 3 different ways) and disabled at least 1,000,000 more."

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Steve Kirsch, @stkirsch, June 12, 2021: "BIG NEWS: Up to 25,800 may have been killed by the COVID vaccine. I bet that this is a lower bound on the number killed by the "safe and effective" vaccines. Why isn't anyone at the CDC or FDA warning the American public of the danger in the meantime??"

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"What is clear, deaths associated with R00-R94 codes are 25,800 above the norm since February. (Addition June 16, 2021) To really make it clear how well outside of normal this is, we look at historic CDC data we can see a dramatic spike in the R00-R94 codes – from 2014 through today June 2021."

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