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27Sandino 8 points ago +8 / -0

here are her arguments:

it's not anti-white because:

  • 1 because proponents of crt treat anyone who disagree with them as enemies not just white people

that's a false dichotomy, the main tenets can still be primarily anti-white while attacking any person that disagrees with the tenets

  • 1b it's also racist against black people

that's true, they treat black people as oppressed which is inherently racist, but that doesn't negate the primarily anti-white tenets, unless you want to pretend that painting black people as oppressed and needing help and white people as oppressors and needing reprimand is the same, which she does

  • 2 you're playing into their hands, they want you to be racist and the optics of that look bad

non sequitur; just because they want you to be racist is not a refutation of the anti-white tenets

  • 3 it's going to form a white power movement

another non-sequitur

  • 4 the definition of crt: racism exists everywhere, and because anti-white is not mentioned in the definition and everyone can be racist it's not anti-white

that's an overly simplistic definition which ignores one of the main tenets, that black people cannot be racist and that they are the poor oppressed people, which is the foundation for treating white people poorly

  • tl:dr

it's been a long-standing joke that leftists are white supremacists with a guilt complex precisely because they treat blacks as inferior, this isn't new nor is it ignored. The actual problem and main difference is the attack on white people because of this inferiority, which she totally ignores over emotional arguments like optics and an increase in white power movements

she ultimately fails by conflating racism within the movement as being equal, as if labelling all white people as evil is the same as treating black people as oppressed