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Don't forget, along with their buddies at CIA

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They're just the KGB with an amazing PR team.

johnmic07 7 points ago +7 / -0

The fbi is completely useless. They just go after political targets and help criminals with connections go free. They do nothing to keep Americans safe and our country would be better off without them.

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QLARP 6 points ago +6 / -0

Trump didn't have power the deep state blocked him.

Try to fire someone and Don Meghan would threanten to quit.

Try to clear house at the DOJ and they threatened to resign on mass.

Try to push HQC and the CDC just said no.

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If you didn't notice, EVERYONE was against Trump. What he did manage to accomplish while in office is fucking astounding and some what a miracle with all things considering

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The entire federal system needs to be torn apart and the USA needs to break up. This isn't working anymore.

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we don't even need the FBI anymore, we have 4chan and 8chan

edit: to add onto this point, 4chan collaborated using weaponized austism to direct Russia to drone strike a secret ISIS base using only a standing powerline tower in the background and the mountain range as their only point of reference. FBI gets handed a laptop containing scandalous imagery belonging to a direct relative of a "President" and couldn't find a single thing to prosecute them with.

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The flag was fucking insane, I still can't believe they found it

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The fundamental problem is that every time somebody tries, they dig up a shit-load of dirt on everybody. There needs to be a way to get them out before they can do this.

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They also went after the America First movement in the 1930s to ensure that America didn't stay out of WWII.

charwoman 2 points ago +2 / -0

They did the same thing at Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, too.

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Yeah, one of the people arrested in the plot was my friend's cousin. He REALLY wasn't the type that would need any coercion in order to do stupid shit like kidnapping Whitmer. He was nutter than squirrel shit