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I lost my dad when I was a baby. I don’t remember what he looked like nor do I even have a picture of him.

I do remember him singing The Deele song “Two Occasions” to me and I think of him singing it to me when I hear the song.

Moral: you never know what impact you will have on your kids. Make every moment count!

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100%, I feel ya pede. Lost my mom and sister within months apart, so many things I regret. Make sure they know everything you want to say now.

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The guy I’m seeing right now lost his dad last summer and he is still deeply affected by it. His dad was like his hero...he would tell me stories about him and his dad always biking and laughing together, and one day his dad was just gone...

I feel really bad and don’t know if I should say anything today. Whenever we talk about his dad you can still hear the pain in his words. I feel very grateful that I still have my dad and we have a good relationship.

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Not all fathers are good, unfortunately.

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