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Notice when you go into a store they have a sign that ‘masks aren’t required if you are vaccinated’

What that means is that they assume you are vaccinated, but aren’t enforcing it, but also that they also reserve the right to enforce it (or they wouldn’t have a sign) much like a ‘no-trespassing’ sign

When the next ‘wave’ comes they WILL enforce it. Even in states where they banned vax passports, like Florida, in SB 2006 (the anti vax mandate bill), they have put language that in a ‘state of emergency’ they can use ‘any’ means necessary to force vaccinate you.

This is bad folks. We all know how the script is going to play out. When the Vaxxed start dropping in numbers this fall they are going to blame the in un-vaxxed, and it will make 2020 look like a picnic.

When people resist being ‘force vaxxed’ they are going to blame it on domestic terror and use it an excuse to take away guns, you know the rest

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Except in Great Britain and Ireland they have the passport. There are always a certain number of people who resist, but the vast majority is going along with it. I’m not dooming, …well I guess I am. Many people resisted the initial lockdowns and it did nothing. The next ones will include violence and the vast majority of people (vacced) will be cheering it on. It will be vicious

I can see how the dynamic being set up.

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Surround yourself with those you love and trust. Don’t sacrifice your joy. Don’t carry all the weight yourself.