PANIC in Nevada (media.patriots.win)
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We now know nearly every traitor in our government.

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We can just shorten the term to 'government'

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Yes or just replace it with Rulers

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Is it just me or has Dale Gribble been totally vindicated in the last 4 years?

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His character was partly based on Alex Jones. So... in a way... Alex Jones was right.

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I didn't realize Alex Jones goes that far back, I never heard of him before 2017 when there was that meme on T_D.

Also incase you didn't know, Bill Clinton is a rapist! infowars.com

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Alex has been warning us about everything that happening now for the last 30 years. He's a national treasure

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He's a fruit loop that will glom onto whichever political side will listen to him. He doesn't care, left, right, whatever.

Right now it's right. Before it was left.

He'll go back before long.

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I was watching Alex 20 years ago. lol he’s been right about most things. He just gets so excited he’s a turnoff to normies.

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To be effective, leaders of a controlled opposition operation must gain followers trust. Depending on the targetted demographic, this means offering 95% truth in order to slip in 5% critical untruth. AJ illustrates this dynamic. Once AJ is recognized as an entertaining and informative yet knowingly lethal snek, a cost/benefit analysis can be made around whether to watch him or not. I choose to distance myself from his obvious emotional manipulation ie I won't watch but may read.

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He thinks that supporting steel beams have to completely melt before a building can fall down. He's an imbecile.

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How many people have told people when they were asked for their name have replied, "Rusty Shackleford"?

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Oh I have lol

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It would be easiest to create a list of those who are not traitors, I think.

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List of people who have held office in the government who are NOT traitors:

1: Donald J Trump.

End of list.

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Yes..........all of them minus the ones that didn't certify.

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if the tables were turned all we'd be hearing is 'they are hiding something!"

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Yeah, people are STILL saying that about Trump's tax returns.

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This is why Republicans lose. Too many traitors in the camp.

Barbara Cegavske, the Republican Secretary of State who was censured by her own party for criminally loosening election integrity to the point of embarrassment (through mail-in ballots to every man, woman, and illegal alien alive or dead, and unconstitutionally pushing ballot harvesting through despite it being illegal according to our own state constitution) was the very first official to reply. She outright refused to do a forensic audit based on the fact that she claims the election was valid….because she “says so.”

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The Republican Party does not exist for you, or for me, or for anybody you care about. They are not your friends.

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That's why I'm not a Republican and never will be

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Now that's the winning attitude.

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Based. I'm conservatives but never associated with the party.

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Good! We need more volunteers. Please look up your local state representative's office and look up open local offices, something will be available. Volunteer by faxing your name in to the office, you will be immediately appointed, and you have begun infiltrating the nest of the enemy.

See you there.

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Please consider a upgrade. In reality, the Republican Party is made up of Americans who choose to join the Party. Power resides with the local GOP precincts which are open to ALL registered Republicans. When Establishment Republicans show up and do the work then that precinct is Establishment and finds Establishment candidates to run for office. Shocker.

Fortunately, savvy MAGA Republicans are going to their precinct meetings, making their precincts MAGA and learning to use their GOP precinct power to MAGA. Example? Arizona.

Ready to savvy up? Ready to forego whining and instead start winning? Read. Do. Share.

Https://wordpress.theprecinctproject.com/ and [email protected]

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I've been there and done that, and watched what the establishment did to their own party members who dared to back a non-establishment candidate. I won't discourage others from doing so. Everyone should learn first hand how evil these people are.

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So many SoS. That must be the weak point Soros found. I wonder what he did? Pay money? Threaten loved ones?

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Soros installed them. He had a whole sos project years ago to elect his people. I’m sure he got several Republican plants too.

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I voted for this human trash

Garbage person. Complete waste.

She's destroyed this country and this state for years to come. Piece of garbage

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Sounds exactly like Georgia's traitorous SoS.

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When their fraud has been exposed ... the only alternative for them is force.

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They don't want to water the tree, byt they must

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They will not give up their stolen keys of power easily.

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These terms are acceptable and necessary

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They want to fill prisons of people who question election results Sounds like communism already with Biden/Obama as the first Dictators

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Biden is America's first Fuhrer.

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Make my day

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Thank you. OP’s post made zero sense.

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doing nothing is better than this dudes trash affidavit

An affidavit is simply "An a written statement of fact voluntarily made by an affiant or deponent under an oath or affirmation which is administered by a person who is authorized to do so by law."

In other words, you can write down any ridiculous nonsense and a notary will notarize it for $10. All notarization means is that a licensed notary witnessed you making the statement. It does not validate the statement or give it any force of law.

The felony threats come from a county recorder.

That right there tells me the guy is one of those 'natural law' retards. You can record almost any notarized document with the county recorder (does not have to be real estate related). The felony comes in when you record a document attesting to or threatening felonious action on your part, or in an attempt to defraud.

It IS a felony to file a false instrument on a title.

Those morons try it all the time here in Oregon. Honestly, we've got more nutbars - left and right - here than the whole rest of the US combined.

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FBI, JIDF, Media Matters, Chinah, et al. (not naming two actual, specific suspects), some sleeper accounts to do the upvotes, and possibly a rogue mod or two.

There's a huge FUD campaign stewing.

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It's an actual post on "The DC Patriot":


Whether you consider that a legitimate source is up to you. Maybe we should link CNN and Fox? And kiss Fauci's ass for good measure?

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That’s part of the problem now, is there’s more, smaller, independent news sites now that are the only ones reporting on this stuff, so they’re easy to discount as not legitimate. The author of this article is listed as Mindy Robinson, and she’s MAGA and has been fighting the NV swamp all along.

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Yeah, but "legitimacy" is an illusion. CNN has never been legitimate. Ever.

Neither has Fox. It has always been controlled opposition. For decades, not just for the past year.

Rare individuals with personal integrity, the people who get attacked and discredited by the corporate behemoths, those whom the machine tries to destroy – those have always been the most trustworthy. We're seeing only now, this has always been the case.

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That’s not what the article states, it’s not a source for the screenshot.

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Ach, crap, thanks patriots

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Wrong source

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Libturds have gone full retard.

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Because reasons! Stop asking peasant or we lock you up!

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Aaron Ford, the Democrat AG of Nevada was arrested a total of 4 times and somehow he became AG. It's obvious he cheated his way to become AG.

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He once pushed a bill that would allow criminals injured in the commission of a crime sue their victims for damages. He's awful.

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"i have all the biden ballots and he won"

"can i see?"


what a reasonable reaction for someone who definitely isn't lying

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Come on you think they would lie? I mean look at them...they are being totally reasonable. Totally looks like what someone who isn't guilty would do.

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Cats I'm in washoe cnty, who can I contact to volunteer?

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Awesome, just signed up for the sub and looks like there is a meeting tomorrow night.

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The election was all a lie.

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We’ll jail you if you call for transparency.

These shit eaters should hang.

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Prima facie evidence of guilt. Arrest these fucking traitors. Now!

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Tell us you're guilty without telling us you're guilty

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Wait! What? One of the signs of tyranny is fear by those in charge that the people will see and understand the tyranny. An audit is common in every business structure. Banks and Financial Trusts and entities are always audited. The word audit means to validate, to confirm. Why are leftest so afraid of an election audit. Fear of an audit by a business or government unit is ALWAYS a sign of corruption in hiding, a shadow in fear of light.

Why are Democrats always afraid of an audit. In 2016 they complained that TRUMP stole the election with RUSSIAN help. But nobody in the DNC asked for a single audit. Why? It's most likely there was cheating, a common occurance in Democra tg politics, and an audit would have shown the cheating fell surprisingly short of beating Trump.

Nevada is an interesting state. You talk to "officials" and they say the election results can be trusted. But you talk to neighbors and friends, employees and fellow workers, white, black, hispanic and nobody seems to have voted for Biden. NOBODY!

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Nothing says "free and fair election win" like "we'll throw you in prison for trying to audit it."

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Nothing says "I've got nothing to hide", like going full gestapo on anyone attempting to verify that statement..........

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Turns out its not up to...

Do you have the source? I wanna read the end of that a comment.

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How in the hell is it illegal to ask for an audit? The people of Nevada have to choose what their state does. In mine this would get ugly.

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have any red states according to the ''election of 2020" brought up opposition?

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You can tell it's a legit election when those who ask about it are thrown in prison.

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That's one hell of a lawsuit.

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I predict.. warehouse fires to become a thing. Warehouse containing ballots and machines.

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We should start pronouncing Nevada "KNee-vada" as in they have taken the proverbial blm "knee"

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Um... ok. Ask for the audit, anyway. Fuck 'em. What are they going to do, arrest you? Shoot anyone who tries. Fuck the government, fuck the FBI, fuck the police. They are all illegitimate terrorist organizations.

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And they say they have nothing to hide. Sure seems like it

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insert roblox "OUFFF" sound here:

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Really? Never go full commie!!!

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I have relatives that live there they can’t even access the Clark county election website to see how their vote was cast…. ever since the November 3 election.

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Remember that time you tried to block an election audit and your house got burnt down?

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How dare you challenge your rulers?! To the dungeon with you!

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I placed a bet that Nevada would go Trump! I’m getting my $5 winnings, even if I can never visit there again due to asking for election integrity & being threatened with a misdemeanor for it!

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You only take flak when your over target.

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we now know that the biggest scam that the commies have been running are the elections. how we can trust any past election outcome? government officials claiming we can't ask for an audit need to be recalled, primary'd, impeached, and / or voted out peacefully asap. Imagine what would happen to the CEO/Board of directors of a public company the refused to be audited and threatened to sue consumer groups, investors, or customers that required that they are audited by a big four (Deloitte, EY, KPMG, PWC) ? They would be fined, arrested, and their stock would get smashed. We are fools to let government officials tell us we don't have the right to audit. They are admitting to fraud.

Thank you President Trump for exposing the biggest lie and steal. AUDIT all 50 states