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CeruleanShadow 12 points ago +12 / -0

SD all the way. At least the Communists stood up for their principles. Obviously not one, but I can respect someone that has a principal, and refuses to yield. Paraphrasingly calling voters idiots is hardly likely to endear them to you, and have them vote for you, either. Arrogant prick. Have a look at "The Angry Foreigner", he's a Bosnian who fled to Sweden as a kid during the Balkan wars, and he is very based, very well-researched.

Torrvarpen [S] 7 points ago +7 / -0

At least the Communists stood up for their principles.

^^ This is why I too respect them, even if I disagree with their policies. Just look at traitor Pence, an excellent example of what happens when you don't stand by your principles.

Have a look at "The Angry Foreigner"

Checking his videos regularly. There's plenty of based alt media nowadays. Samnytt, Friatider, Nyheteridag, Nyatider, Samtiden just to mention a few. Radio Svegot, great pod too.

Flashback forum, great source of information and discussions about everything with true free speech.