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yeah except christianity didn't and doesn't have people raping, beheading, and exploding in the name of allah lmao.... that's an extremely cowardly position you are taking. read more into christianity and then the cult of islam and tell me how exactly they have "more in common than most are willing to admit."

Azrael1776 -1 points ago +1 / -2

Lol...Christian crusades took place where they leveled cities in the name of the Lord. People all through time have done things and said it was for their God. They have the old testament in common...that's quite a lot wouldn't you say?

I'm not arguing for one religion over another. I'm saying recognize that they all have their fair share of flaws, I'll intention extremist, and forgotten sins.

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in the name of a "branch" of Christianity which was not condoned by God, actually. and you do realize that Christianity is much older than islam, thus it was islam twisting the Word for their own ways? you act like there aren't massively selfish cunts in the world (that goes for so-called atheists as well).