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I’ve been dating lately for past month and when I find out these girls are pro covid “vaccine” I keep in contact just to see what happens and warn them against it, but none have listened. At least they haven’t berated me for being totally against it, anyways the first girl I talked to little over month ago is still sick, has missed her period, feels like she got punched in the lower abdominal area. The rest have similar symptoms including getting sick from everything AFTER the “vaccine” different infections. Yesterday the last one I knew that wasn’t fully vaccinated got it, told her it would destroy her and about the other women and she laughed, joked about dying and other stuff, posted her Instagram vaccine selfie, today, sickest she’s ever been apparently lmao 😂

Yeah, I’m NEVER getting this shit.

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“ I don't want to wear masks anymore" and "my work is requiring it"

This is the metaphor for the mark of the beast on the hand (your will)