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I work for sprouts in CA and as of the 18th there is no mandate for masks at work in grocery stores. I was sent home twice since then and tomorrow will be my third which will be enough points to get me fired for insubordination. We have papers in the break room, by the time clock, and our own website that states that only stores with state mandates require masks. I have pointed this out to them and they don't care saying corporate still requires them. I wrote to HR and they said OSHA requires all employees to wear masks which is 100% factually untrue. We are being told one thing while all posted info says another. Is there a website or a type of lawyer that specializes in wrongful termination? I have everything documented including where HR told me it was my fault their phone operator hung up on me 2 times. A while back a costco employee posted a similar problem here and there was info about someone who specializes in this kind of thing I thought I bookmarked it but it is not there so if anyone has info please help. I have enough saved to last me 2 months of rent and bills but after that ill be empty. Thanks for any help sorry for long post, I've been on this site since before Trump was cheated from the white house and always find good info here.

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Its non union so yes we are all at will but basic termination practices when I am following all posted rules should be impossible. If they updated the website or the info around the store I could understand them still forcing the masks but as it stands the info says only masks with state mandates which CA no longer has. So I would get fired for not following a verbal command that is opposite the company's written policy. I am the grocery manager 4 years with the company.

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That is bullshit not logic. You have never employed a single person. Not once. Ever. Hardly an expert.

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