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On May 6 the FBI showed up at my place of work with a search warrant for my phone. Many agents showed up and detained me for about 30 mins. They made it clear to me that I was not under arrest. You can look me up on Google to find me on video. I cannot say why I have not been arrested but they may suspect I have information that could be detrimental to their agency. My name is Levi Plumley. I challenge you all to check the news every so often to confirm I have not been arrested. The fact I have yet to be indicted is concerning to me. I am certified firearms Instructor with the USCCA and a Private Security Officer contracted my the Department of Homeland Security at the Covington, Virginia Social Security Administration. The 73 year old that was arrested today concerns me and has encouraged me to speak out. If I am found to have committed suicide, I did not. The fact they have not arrested me despite having already executed a search warrant makes me think there is a slim chance I could be the target of assassination. To protect my own safety, I will neither confirm nor deny that I have information that could be detrimental to the FBI and/or DHS.

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Thank you for coming forward I pray for your protection