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Leftist idiots, even family, need to hear real push-back, because they will never realize what they are doing. They are brainwashed by their TV's, which tell them they are the good guys, just like the Nazis did at their culty rallies. They have no notion that they could be wrong. It is our duty to at a minimum be honest with them.

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My friends wife of 12 years (been together for 18, high school sweethearts) is wanting a divorce now because she feels he’s become too extreme.
He’s a cop, always been right leaning, but she’s progressively become more and more liberal within the last 2 years because she started getting into Twitter. She also told him she wants an open marriage. She cheated on him once in the past that he knows about, and who knows how many times since, and they have 3 kids together. Liberalism is a mental disorder and is ruining families.

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Kick her to the curb, dna test the kids.