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Currently at the Texas border that runs along the Mexican state of Tamaulipas (RGV sector) there have been nightly gun battles on the Mexican side with 2 feuding cartels (The Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas) over turf because of the vacuum the current administration has made in regards to illegal immigration. Has there always been violence and crossings? Yes, even under Trump but the current situation right now is worse than it was under Obama.


Currently in Reynosa, Mexico the cartel has been targeting and killing innocent people (yes its not America, but the point is that this is literally happening a stone throw away while Biden and BP take the sit on your hands approach)


Those US citizens dumb enough to venture into Mexico, to visit family or whatever purpose are being targeted and there are over 1/2 a dozen missing and assumably dead.


Currently the already vastly corrupt Mexican government is working to dissolve the State of Tamaulipas Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca who has been accused of participating in organized crime and money laundering creating what we can call a Narco-Terrorist state. This state is what borders the southern part of Texas up to Laredo and where the current issue is regarding illegal border crossings.


You may say 'Well, thats in Mexico what the hell do i care for'. An 80 year old man was sleeping in bed, whos house was happened to be close to the river, and was shot from a stray bullet that most likely came from Mexico. Now the county sheriffs are claiming it didnt come from Mexico, but the Starr county sheriffs have a less than reputable claim when it comes to this as the previous 2 were indicted on drug trafficking charges and the current sheriff's son has been indicted with criminal organized crime as well.


https://www.facebook.com/eltejanostarr/photos/a.1731307747134284/2954564564808590/. (sorry FB post but there is no actual news headlines about this because most RGV Judges, DAs and Prosecutors are bought and paid)



Now, while this was happening we had the BP director who seemed to be actively pushing back on the current administration's border policy and he's just been replaced with a left wing puppet. The approach 'sit on your hands' is whats going to be taken to the extreme now, because BP hasnt been doing enough to begin with.

The violence will spill over, the cartels will start kidnapping people from the US side to take them into mexico for extortion or to murder them, its happened before but its usually targeted violence (people who were already involved with the cartels). It is one thing to fear for yourself from another american in a city, its completely something else to fear youll be kidnapped and taken into another country by non-citizens because the US Government fails to do their job.

All i can say is thank god Texas passed permitless carry because border residents are going to need it if and when Cartels start targeting US citizens on US soil. Texas cannot legally deport people as it is a federal issue. There are a ton more horror stories for those counties north of the border counties of men dressed in camo wandering around people ranches, men armed in camo, property destruction and theft plus many many more.

Theres a reason why El Paso is safer than the RGV sector and its not just because of the wall, but the Mexican state that borders it. The southernmost border is turning into the wild west, likely comparable to Afghanistan or Syria in some ways, but what could go wrong with just letting everyone in right?

To those interested in the Cartel crimes and issues here is a blog that does a lot of reporting on the matter: http://www.borderlandbeat.com/

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My area is extremely cucked. I'm not even going to bother until I'm able to move.

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Brother man, I'm a cunthair from Seattle and I can tell you that it only takes one. The snowball is real and we truly are a silent (mostly cucked) majority. I was FLABBERGASTED at the support when I was door-knocking for GEOTUS. Once the court of public opinion is taken away and people are allowed to have a conversation beyond media narratives and sound-bites...I think you'll be surprised!

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That’s the fucking MAGA attitude I like to see! Get it!!