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I frequent tech news sites and Google (Goolag) is starting its new feature for searches that will let you know if a site is "trustworthy" or spreading "misinformation" right before the AZ audit is about to be released. What coincidental timing... thats why I tell everyone I know to use duck duck go

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People its time to get away from all of this crap. Step #1---Please install a linux desktop. Choose a non google reporting browser and search engine all while becoming detached from Microsoft. Step #2 de-Google your cell phone. Buy a slightly older phone which is supported by a custom ROM ie. Graphine, Resurrection Remix, Lineage and so on. Install the basic ROM minus GAPPS (which is the google packages.) Install only packages from Fdroid or apk from the developer or Git hub. If you use an Iphone dump it and see step #2. This is the ONLY way to win. Doing this is the boycott of boycotts. Google is tracking your every move. Their AI knows everything about you. You are paying monthly to participate in your own demise. Is it super duper simple like not buying Coke? Nope but it will make a real difference unlike brand boycotts. These companies being boycotted are all owned by the same Major investors. Blackrock owns just as much of Coca-Cola as they do Pepsi. It a big club and you ain't in it. https://www.holdingschannel.com/13f/blackrock-inc-top-holdings/ These boycotts only help our enemies. Don't buy Coke!!! Buy MoAr Pepsi!!! The money all ends up in the same hands. The only way to win is to not participate in building the surveillance grid.