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raptoris 2 points ago +2 / -0

I dont even know what are you trying to disprove in my comment. The "WMDs"(in a relative context) that have been discovered arent what was used as a justification for war. The only justification for such fearmongering would be the aftermath of 9/11, otherwise none. The Iraq war is a deeper problem than we know. The main issue with Iraq invasion is the "failure" of inteligence agencies and mismanagement of the postwar era. Had they known the invasion would totally fuck up the region and indirectly the US itself, Im sure they wouldnt have executed it. But what would be is what would be, the reality is unfortunately what we know and see.

And on the other hand, why are you trying to defend the war and people that ignited it ? The war was a total failure from economic, military and diplomatic standpoint. Even if they uncovered nukes in the end, the invasion would result in a lose-lose outcome for the US.