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I will just ask here since we don't have a gun spot and I annoy my friends with all my questions. I have an M&P-15 (Same gun Kyle Rittenhouse used). I have to go to return an item at this sick ass veteran store that has sweet gear. So I figured I'd buy something since it's a long drive there.

I was going to buy a charging handle, maybe. Everything else is super expensive and I just got a reckless driving charge, so I won't have too much to spend. Is there something I can do to the gun for a moderate amount of money to improve it? Trigger system? Bolt carrier? thanks

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Better trigger is in your budget and probably the best bag for the buck. This LaRue is highly rated, under $100 and easy to swap in:


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Eh, maybe it’ll help someone who genuinely wants to know. ?‍♂️

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Upgraded trigger would be a better improvement vs charging handle. IMO ammo & mags are even better.

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If you don't shoulder the butt tightly, you might get a bloody nose-the handle does kick back with the discharge. Other than that, no.

Practice breathing, much better than equipment. Exhale, hold, then squeeze off a round.

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(Same gun Kyle Rittenhouse used)

You sure? I coulda swore that Kyle used a DPMS Oracle.

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Ammo and training. That's it. Your gun can shoot better than you at this point. Get training. Tight on cash? Start saving.

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Charging handles don’t matter too much. Upgrade the bolt carrier group, trigger or a decent magpul buttstock.

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Why ? The "charging handing" on all semi-autos is basically to chamber the first round, and or clear a malfunction. So what is wrong with the one you already have ? Unless you are a competition, or long range shooter you don't need a target trigger, or expensive optics, and fancy add on lasers, and flashlights ( besides with a 16 " barrel you are limited on range, and accuracy anyhow). Good adjustable open sights are all you need for fast target acquisition. Buy a sling, some extra magazines, and ammo. KISS, Keep it simple stupid !

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On the cheap, get mags.

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