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HocusLocus 2 points ago +2 / -0

OR rather, each voter to completely verify their vote at the polling place, but never know if it was tallied. OR hit some Internet site and receive confirmation of their vote, but never know if the result screen was just a fabricated lie.

The solutions are always mumble mumble 'blockchain' mumble that can solve the verification problem, but erodes the anonymity of the vote. And the outright goofy preconception that every American will have a rooted smartphone in their pocket. Oh they don't? That's beyond the scope of these millennial crypto dreams.

After the concept progresses past phase 1 a very anxious weekend before the initial demo, hairs get torn out in frustration as the idea people get wrassled and stomped by the implementation people whose job it is to deliver something.

Then the demo begins and there's not even a whiff of blockchain or even voter-generated private crypto keys. It's just another quickly mangled e-commerce solution javascript abomination running in a browser as an app served by a walled garden. The desktop version is even more vanilla, with barely more security than an SSL certificate.

Of course it works offline too. Because every kid knows how to write down, memorize and recite blocks of 4096 random bits.

Sorry, paper ballots (and all the historical fuckery that goes with them) are still our best bet, trusted people using simple optical machines to count them and aggregate results that are clearly detailed and shown on election night TV, well into the night, is pretty much it. For participatory democracy it's the hill to die on.