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HocusLocus 1 point ago +1 / -0

This was a pointless experiment, to breed an inactive virus with functional spikes that bind to ACE2. Probably just a money grab. Such a thing would have no use for producing a traditional vaccine, and disrupting ACE communication (blood pressure among other things) by blocking ACE2 receptor sites is already known to be harmful.

While the information is useful in researching the live virus, this is also a honeypot that attracts hasty people like Michael Savage to push it as if it is some sort of 'revelation' regarding mRNA shots. It is not!

The mRNA shots produce a spike that is locked in prefusion state and cannot bind to ACE2. The functional spikes created by the Salk Institute for this study are not the same.

Savage's article makes a big deal out of it by saying "the spike protein ALONE" while failing to point out that the spike is not the same one that is produced by the mRNA shots. That makes it a clickbait article to attract people concerned about the shots and feed them incomplete information.

The mRNA shots are causing damage by easily escaping the injection site into the bloodstream and disrupting red blood cells and causing clumping, and the small particle size of the mRNA and manufactured spikes (much smaller than whole virus size), and the lack of any dosing by body mass especially for children, is enough peril to shut the whole thing down.