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In a phone call between Trump and Raffensperger, Trump asked about 60k votes from outside of Georgia. Raffensperger said they all moved out of state, and came back.

Trump asked for proof and Raff had none. This occurred with underage voters, and a couple of other categories. Raffensperger 100% knew, it's literally on tape.

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Part of why they're not held to account is because your "us" is not involved in any of the aspects of the process that would see justice done. They've filled all of those positions with their ranks.

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Yea it's this. A bit of "Who watches the Watchmen?"

The Swamp, Elite control the lower class cops that arrest lower citizens. Then they control the Feds that are supposed to arrest the high level criminals. But how many "high level criminals" did the Feds arrest? What was the last one? That mobster in the 1970s that they used tax charges on? What happened with him? Because obviously they didn't arrest him for his guilt because they're all fuckin' guilty. Only thing that makes sense - the mobster didn't tow the party line and he had to go~

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Smooth Hand Recount = A Smooth Underhanded Recount

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I'd like to see 'em hung.

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Honestly defrauding out election should be a charge worse than treason

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Trump also asked him who the votes went for that Ruby pulled out from under the table after the fake water main break. Brad had nothng.

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Brad had nothng.

Oh he had something. Probably a fat wire to his bank account from the FBI

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Good point man!!!!

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Raffensperger was a fool when he released that tape out in to the wild. Here's to hoping that tape eventually winds up being a court exhibit in the near future.

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HERE, is the positive news, however. After these Papers proclaimed him as a fair arbitrator of truth, now they can't skewer him with tags like filth, cheater, liar. So, in the end, if he's willing to go after the "FRAUD" e may indeed for our purposes, at least until the next election cycle, so let's use him like the SELLOUT SLUT he is, LOL.

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So "smooth" a hand count , they marked batches 100:0 for Biden when it was more like 59:41 Biden: Trump. Must not know how to count, or so lazy they just marked boxes without actually counting the ballots figuring ," nobody will check, we got this rigged"

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Smooth sleight-of-hand recount.

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Smooth as a lubed Marxist circle-jerk.

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resign my ass.

fucker deserves to face a firing squad for taking a flamethrower to this country.

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Drawn and quartered.

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Forced to listen to the Barney theme until he commits suicide.

What? You have your torture, I have mine.

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I hope Bezos stupid rocket explodes on takeoff. Trump curse. I wish it on him now.

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yeah I don't see how people can honestly read this shit and say "that's totally not propaganda!"

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Disinformation is just one of those words that will eventually become the opposite meaning. Disinformation = Inconveniently correct information.

Do you know that "awful" actually used to mean full of aw and beauty? Then people started using it ironically to the point that awful means fuckin' terrible now. Sorta the same thing with decent. People almost never use decent to mean something representing all the best qualities. Now it means adequate to a fault.

Language is fuckin' important and right now it's being used to poison people's minds. However, I do like the saying "Man invented language in order to conceal his thoughts". It's sorta sardonic to think of it that way, as if the original intent of language was to invent lying.

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Take responsibility now. Just own it, motherfucker.

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It seems like there isn't anyone to prosecute him anyway. Barr and Durham had plenty of authority and let everything happen. This rat fink's biggest worry would be getting suicided.

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He has marked himself. Willingly.

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Hahaha this fuck wit had to write his own op-ed in the Washington Post probably because no paper in Georgia believes his bullshit and would let him publish it. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Fact check true

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He'd get epsteined before he ever got to testify

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Hopefully they apply their best methods to this rat.

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Ahh... the faggots at WAPO aiding and abetting as usual!

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He's saying others should be fired but clearly HE needs to resign as well!!!!!!!

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Most secure election in history tho

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Ratburger needs to hang high enough to be seen in Georgia's five surrounding states as an act of contrition to them.

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This motherfucker is singing a whole different tune now. Too late fuck boy, you're going to prison!

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Invest in $ROPE

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Fun fact. RaffenSPERGER ran on election integrity and voter ID to be SOS.

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What. An. Asshole.

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Raffensperger needs to be sent to Gitmo for the rest of his pitiful existence.

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Hard to do your job when your new necktie is 25ft of rope over a tree branch.

Fucker should swing and rot.

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This is just welll

Sad at this point

They know we know and they know we know

Whats coming and nothing can stop it.

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Going down Brad to jail your family will be on the street soon. Brad hope you are happy will taking China money for this election, now you are going to jail and your family will be sad. Fuck you Brad.

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From WaPo, the most trusted name in news 😏

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Well it is an β€œopinion” of his. Not a fact. At least they got that much right.

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