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icuNurse 9 points ago +10 / -1

If you want my opinion and anecdotal experience working in healthcare about this whole thing and the prior vaccine stuff, I think you are exactly right and they misunderstood their populations and here's why.

Those anti-vax people (all those major, weird activist groups) are essentially "lost" individuals who basically have no major purpose or belief system so they latched onto the first major "purpose" that made sense to them, which was hippy vegan shit.

This entire vaccine thing is EXACTLY what they needed which was a "purpose." The exact same type of loaded speech and guilt are used in the vegan and covid vaccine movements.

The issue was that the arguments for and against those movements aren't strictly ideology, they're ideology based on logic and reason vs emotion and belief. It was essentially hippy vegans with emotions and beliefs vs rationalizations and logical thinking.

When you break this vaccine thing down, the logical thinking and emotions and beliefs teams are flipped. There is no good logic, proof, or consistency for covid being as "scary" as it's being made out to be. There's no good logic or science proving that the vaccines truly are useful and protective, add the fact that there is public information readily available showing that the vaccine may actually be causing problems and the rolls have switched.

The emotions and beliefs found a new purpose in being the vaccine peddling shit heads while the pro vax logic people said "hold up say what now?"

Now they're panicking because the vaccinated status has essentially flipped, the designated groups is basically completely unvaccinated and the ones they didn't want to vaccinate are all vaccinated.

Filetsmignon 3 points ago +3 / -0

I hear black and hispanics are taking the vAxX in the lowest numbers. They don't trust it.

RachetQueen2020 7 points ago +7 / -0

Do you blame them? Tuskegee experiment? Black people have good reason to be wary.

TAIWANNUMBERONE 2 points ago +2 / -0

Really these people are just media drones and since all the "influencers" they follow started shilling for the shots, they got in line as well.

icuNurse 5 points ago +5 / -0

I think there's a little more to it than that. The dynamic lately has been super weird and basically done a complete 180. The group known for generally being in support of business and the establishment (police, rule of law etc) all basically did a 180 after realizing those entities actually had zero interest in what they supposedly stood for and were supposed to do. The group known for wanting the downfall of the establishment and business now are literally agents of the establishment and business while business and establishment are in bed together destroying the very foundations of the country.

Now the important part of this isn't specifically who you support or don't, it's why you support them.

For liberals, right now, it's literally all emotions and feelings. For conservatives it's all about america first, freedom, and the right to be free.

That's the part where I think this whole master plan, regardless of what it is, all blows up. Those people being logical and analytical of everything are a major problem because you can't just pull the wool over their eyes and I think this is what is actually so concerning to them about the Trump America First movement. I don't think they're scared of sheer numbers. I think they're scared of the sheer number of people who absolutely have not and will not fall for their shit.