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Step one was establishing proof that ’America First’ policies actually work. Trump accomplished that.

Step two was exposing the corruption of our institutions and the truth of the Uniparty deception. Trump accomplished that.

Step three is to demonstrably reveal the vote-rigging. Trump’s landslide victory provided the data and the intuitive evidence, and the audits are providing the rock-solid proof.

Step four is to initiate a groundswell of active participation by previously complacent conservatives, starting in their own communities and states. Trump’s continuing to fight and rally the MAGA base, and the Biden Administration disaster is providing all the reasons we need to stay aware and in the fight. Mask mandates, CRT in schools, and election rules are the beachheads of the grassroots battles. Soon they will link up into elections for mayors, town councils, state legislatures, etc. A similar thing is happening with boycotts of woke corporations and a rise of conservative alternatives to societal gatekeeper institutions seized by Leftists through financialization mechanisms.

Step five is to take control of the Republican Party apparatus. This will be accomplished through forcing all Republicans to seek Trump endorsements for votes and financial support, so that even RINOs have to play along.

Step six is to use control of the GOP to shepherd real election security — an area where MAGA local efforts will yield the greatest effects on the Federal elections level, which is where the most fraud takes place.

Step Seven is where political gamesmanship is used, but unlike 2016, this time Trump will have a fully awakened base, a proven track record, moral authority and a huge public mandate, a larger pool of MAGA (and MAGA-quisling) supporters in congress, and a (at least slightly) better pool of appellate judges throughout the judicial branch, along with more conservative Governors.

Steps Eight, Nine, and Ten involve dissolving the interagency failure machine, purging Communists and Traitors from Federal Government, and Making America Great Again, again.

To Save America, we need to keep hold of our guns at all costs (every other action rests on this defensive ability), resist tyranny in every way possible, reach out and get passive and active support from the ‘moderate’ly brainwashed (easier to do as economic conditions deteriorate), and courageously fight the culture war.

We need to build and strengthen MAGA institutions that will be the ‘Soros of the Right’, support imperfect fighters instead of constant purity-testing, and go on the offensive instead of the defensive by proposing solutions for real-world problems instead of victim-blaming or problem-denial (i.e. student debt, pre-existing conditions, muh free markets excuses) and offer a vision for the future instead of pretending we can retreat into the past.

And we need to do it with grim determination, nimble adaptability, pragmatic realism, wit and humor, motivated willingness, and patriotic high-energy!

In all of these, Trump has set the example to follow.

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The 2nd is the only inalienable right you can physically hold in your hands, and it undergirds all the respect for your other rights.

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No need for any of that. Drags the tyrants out by their hair and 1776 them.

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And then what? Everyone lives happily ever after?

There’s no reason to sacrifice the legitimacy of our Republic. If we have the will to do it the one way, accomplishing it the other is easier by many factors.

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why haven't the mods stickied this comment, this is a good statement for the board

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Thanks for the criticisms. Since you didn’t really offer any real alternative, I can only offer some observations:

Patriots already know...

1,2, & 3 were each also decried as impossible and hopeless pipe dreams by people who wanted Trump to just start arresting people — until Trump accomplished them. The ’let’s just start it’ advice always presents a strategy that focuses all its energy and analysis on emotional justifications and examples from the American Revolution, a war fought 3-4 generations of warfare ago.

There’s a big difference between ‘knowing’ a predictable outcome and ‘knowing’ by seeing it happen in front of your eyes. Many of the issues had been presented as ‘too complex to fully understand’ and ’unsolvable through policy-making’ and ’beyond the capability of a single national government’. There was only one way to kill that narrative.

So to say we “already know” is some pretty dismissive hand-waving, particularly when President Trump’s strategy to prove those policies by implementing them rather than sit alone in the White House blaming McConnell and Ryan for being RINO cucks had opportunity costs that you later cite as some kind of failure.

we’re wasting our time fighting CRT and mask mandates

Besides the fact that what I said was that these are the beachhead issues where we’re seeing the wave of activity first manifest, they are important battles in their own right, for several reasons:

  • They are messaging elements fundamental to the Marxist assault on our liberty involving key issues where the Leftists have won sway over popular thinking;

  • They are issues that directly effect mass amounts of people in ways that provoke them to take action (unlike ‘wonkish’ policy and ‘complicated’ issues with delayed-effects that seem far removed from daily life); and

  • They provide a needed opportunity for conservatives and MAGA deplorables to get into the fight and practice a habit of courage, rather than simply expressing enthusiasm or passive support.

the Republican Party apparatus...

Party politics is controlled by elites but funded by ‘little people’ donations and votes. The elites use techniques like vote-splitting and social culture outrage to drive the littles from taking power, but without a flock of sheep to shepherd they become prey to the wolf themselves. Channeling our donations and votes through a single trusted individual is a strategy we haven’t ever been able to try because we never have had anyone who proved worthy of turning it into results — until Trump.

election integrity comes down to the courts...

You’re wrong about that. It comes down to the consent of the governed — not in some fluffy rhetorical way, but in very practical and real-world ways highly relevant to elites having room in their necks to pass their hot steak tartar bonbons through.

base is already awakened...

That the base was not fully awakened despite the landslide of votes is easily proved by simply taking account of the percentage of men wearing masks, “trusting the plan”, and believing that the military or Supreme Court had enough integrity to protect the election.

There are levels of ‘awake’ — I don’t think that even the people who realize the genocidal goals of the current administration are at the final level of realization (and I’m not talking about Q conspiracies, either). It’s a lot to grasp. But there’s a clear difference between ‘awake’ today and ‘awake’ pre-November 3rd, or even pre-January 20.

Nobody did anything...

People are doing something right now. On the 6th we peacefully but clearly demonstrated that we wouldn’t consent to the steal, and people have been mobilizing ever since — just not in some ‘winner take all’ final battle setpiece imagined for a moviefilm. We’re not falling into traps the Uniparty is setting for us, and that’s why they are losing so much real momentum outside of their own bubble. Trump and many Deplorables realize this is a 5th generation warfare battle that will take a generation to actually win.

Doomer, asymmetric warfare...

I agree with much of what you say here (despite your doomer tone — we have better chances than 99% of everyone in history, so why complain?) except that building institutions, commitment, courage, etc. for the fight IS the Rubicon.

So Get your supporting institutions ready — financial, legal, political, educational, cultural. If existing institutions have bad actors in charge but public grassroots pressure against them (like the GOP), you can try to take them over. If they’re corrupted from top to bottom (like public schools) you need an alternative ready to scale waiting in the wings.

If those can’t be built, then our side isn’t ready to to put in the requisite energy to fight, because we would need equivalent logistics and civil affairs interfaces solely for a military-style action anyways.

You can’t do ‘Myanmar-style’ because the military leadership is corrupted, as are all three branches of government at least 5 levels down from the top. There’s no good leadership ready to step in and do the jobs (as Trump discovered while President).

Anyone except government or media-backed forces needs overwhelming civilian support to do that with any hope of accomplishing anything other than making things immediately worse. Injustice and oppression must be universally and personally felt before the necessary passive acquiescence and active support will be given, and organizational and structural alternative systems must be ready to be put into place — a task that makes the GOP political takeover task a simple chore by comparison.

That the left spent the greater part of a century organizing those elements for themselves (and laundering tax money to finance it) while the right let themselves fall complacently into a boomer fugue of overtrust in institutions might be yesterday’s spilled milk, but it’s still something that must be remedied before we’re ready.

The good news is that conservatives are starting to build those. If we continue to fight the ideological battle and enough us us start being willing to abandon the creature comfort trappings of enemy corporations, stand up and start scrapping against the vocal minority sheepherding smaller institutions, and lend each other financial, legal, and political support even for imperfect, non-purity-test-passing, or ‘dirty-handed’ operatives and actions, we may be able to take the country back without mass violence from our side (the other side has already engaged in it, with their biological attacks, targeted assassinations, mass murders-by-policy, and street riots).

It’s going to take lots of action — just not the type you see in movies with a single climactic battle. The action we need is the kind of stuff that regular soldiers are really impressed by when they see the elite guys do it — selflessly springing into action with a motivated teamwork attitude to pitch in and dig ditches, erect fences, shovel shit, whatever work needs to get done to move the mission forward.

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Exactly. Keep in mind, we just barely "lost" the election with them pulling out all the stops, more than ever before in our history. The engineered pandemic, tons of mail in votes, tremendous fraud, media 100% all in smearing Trump non-stop...i.e. he really won bigly.

I don't think it's time to doom at all. We have to take action, run for office ourselves, or support good people that do. The vast majority of us were asleep for many years, myself included. The other side will certainly be pulling more stunts- they'll never stop- but won't be able to repeat what they did in 2020. The vast majority of the people simply do not want hyperinflation, millions of people pouring across the border, non-stop wokeness etc.

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This is why I believe, strategically, that it is better for Trump to remain out of the presidency until 2024 where he has the unlimited resources (well, within his own fortune) to push forward the agenda and monitor the massive ground-level-up reconstruction of the Republican Party. By ensuring we get MAGA in the House and Senate in 2022, and Trump get elected in 2024 along with more reinforcements in Congress, coupled with massive MAGA gains (not just GOP gains) in the state legislature and governorships, he can effect a fantastic legacy. (Ideally, once president, he "convinces" Roberts to resign the Chief Justice, then nominates (and Senate confirms)Ted Cruz as Chief Justice. Then America is good to go for another generation, and most probably much longer if we can get some good Constitutional amendments passeed to negate the progressive malfeasance in many of the amendments passed, such as Senate general elections, income taxes, and a complete repeal and augmentation of the original 14th amendment.

A pragmatic 12-year presidency, with the restoration of the republic without war. No matter what Biden/Harris does, unless we devolve into nuclear confrontation (unlikely), he can't possibly destroy the infrastructure of the country beyond repair, particularly with a very hostile (to him) Congress. This is why I don't care if Trump is not reinstalled. I WOULD love to see perpwalks, though!

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Trump will be regarded in the same tier, equal to both Washington and Lincoln in advancing freedom in America, and in extension, the world. I never thought I would see a president as consequential to the advance of freedom worldwide as Ronald Reagan, but once we get through this morass, Trump will be known as the main person to prevent humanity from devolving into a dystopian hell.

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RINOs like to pretend Reagan was just all about his sunny disposition and talking nicely. In reality he was bold and broke norms...he also very clearly warned us about the media and dangers to our freedoms. He told us Biden was bad news, with no morals who would just say or day whatever was convenient.

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“The establishment loved him …”

He has been anti-establishment his entire life, because to the old NYC money (the real establishment), they would never accept a boy from Queens, no matter how much money he had.

He’s been giving them the finger his entire adult life.

Sauce: look up the Politico article from 2016. Interview with his old friend Al Sharpton before Sharpton had to put on his OrangeManBad.exe face. “Trump the white don king.” Most insightful article on him I read in 2016.

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Yep, that is why Trump is the only politician I trust. All the others are bought or can be bought.

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Donald is God sent.

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I can’t wait for the presidential autobiography for his first presidential campaign and first four years in office.

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Open his own public school and get federal funding and donations! Teach the kids the right way and well let’s separate from them as they have us fuck em!

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And let’s not forget Trump could have ran as a Democrat. But instead he ran on principle as a Republican.

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Trump= Big hands, big dick, big bank account. All women crave those 3 things.