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FreeFire 3 points ago +3 / -0

HRH Majesty Queen Romana Didulo, @RomanaDidulo Head of State and Commander-in-Chief, Head of Government of Canada, Queen of Canada/President of Canada

She is of the indigenous people of Canada so can be Queen; she was installed by the U. S. military and the White Hats alliance. Please research it. Meanwhile, to answer your concerns about these trucks:

She has an account on Telegram: Here is what I found today on this issue: 7 Brand new #UN Vehicles in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Location: In the back of building #440 Gary Ray Drive North York, Toronto Ontario Canada.

Thank you to all Canadians for being vigilant.

Thank you for the Videos and photos you sent in. I have received them all. 😊🙏

FYI: The United Nations #UN is NOW under the control of #US Military + #Canada and #Allied Countries.

They (UN) exists now only because we let them exist 😉

Q & A - UN Vehicles in Canada

Q: Queen Romana, are the UN Vehicles in Canada our Military Vehicles now?

A: Yes. The UN Vehicles now in Canada are OURS/US/Allied Military Vehicles.

The Logos on some of the UN Armored Vehicles have YET to be removed.

But, since we need to use these Armored Vehicles NOW to hunt down the PISSOSITOs - we will remove the UN Logos AFTER Special Ops.

========================= https://t.me/romanadidulo/752