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They do little inside jokes when they are together like I don't know what they are talking about but don't have the balls to say it to me directly. I was the one who taught them how to use technology and they always turned to me on which information was true on the internet but now all of sudden they know more then me. I tried to make it a point not to talk about politics so we could all get along and be a family but when they have the numbers they will talk amongst themselves like I am not even there. They don't even know how the fucking government works and literally blamed trump for every little thing because CNN said so. It was some of the most pathetic shit I have ever heard / seen in my life. Anytime I lose my cool and actually indulge in the conversation to start and prove them wrong they pull the immature shit like "I cant talk about this right now" or "im tired" even though they initiated it. I cannot fucking stand them at all I really tried to be civil but I cant take it anymore. We havent been on speaking terms for several weeks and aspects of my life have signifigantly improved. I am done trying to make them see the light. The only thing that sucks is the way they treat me like im some housepet that can be shunned away when I am around. It's just the paychological factor of it all not because it is them specifically. I dont know why I am suprised because it is mostly my mom and sister who are man-haters and have treated me differently just because I had a different father and they hated him.i dont even really know why I am writing this but I guess it is because it helps sometimes and I dont have any other like minded people in my life. They think I am the crazy one when I am the only one around there that knows how shit works and what is actually going on. I even admitted that I know how crazy it all sounds but I am not a conspiracy theorist like that, a couple years ago I was in the same boat as them. I told them to just listen to what I have to say and sometimes they would even come back to me saying "you know, you were right about that" then revert back to thinking I am a nutjob. I dont wanna say I hate them but honestly, I fucking hate them lol.

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Get yourself a tent, some good weather appropriate clothes/sleeping bags for your area, and get out. Fuck that shit.