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(please read edit at bottom) Nurse: takes blood pressure. "Have you had the vaccine?" Daughter: " I don't want to talk about that. I'm part of a medical privacy group." Nurse: "Okay. The Dr will be in shortly." Dr enters: Looks at my daughter as she sits down, "So what's this?" (Not snarky. Just really confused and curious.) Daughter: "I'm part of a medical privacy group and I don't want to talk about the vaccine right now." Dr: "I don't understand.. what do you mean?" Daughter: "What do you mean? What's a privacy group? I belong to a group that supports medical privacy." Dr: "Okay. Well, I'll just assume you haven't gotten the vaccination then. What are your hesitations?" Daughter:"No. I didn't say that. It's not about hesitations. It's about medical privacy."

Dr let's it go. Finishes the exam. Thought you might like to know.

EDIT: everyone of us on this page is feeling our way through this and similar situations. This is ONE thing we have tried. Please keep in mind that this is a young college aged girl who, along with her 3 siblings, are BASED, and COURAGEOUSLY engage against groups of their rabid leftist peers. It has been a huge effort and, I feel, SUCCESS on our part as the parents to have accomplished this. I understand those who disagree with what she said, but please be nice to your fellow patriots who are fighting in the jaws of their peers.

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My VA nurse asked if I wanted it once. Asked if I was on the fence about it or just not interested. She then said she only asks because if I’m not interested they flag it so I don’t get bombarded by phone calls constantly telling me that the vax is available if I want it