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BoltCarrierGroup 88 points ago +89 / -1

The Delta variant doesn't exist.

There is a video my wife showed me of a girl calling the top 10 biggest testing companies asking about a specific Delta variant test. They all said there is none.

Because there is no delta variant.

mestama 163 points ago +164 / -1

I do immunology research, but am right with most of this site. Let me clarify. It does exist. It's technical name is SARS-CoV-2 lineage B.1.617.2. It's most notable mutations from the original covid-19 are three changes in the spike protein that change three amino acids from small aliphatic or aromatic to large positive amino acids. There are three important things to note about this variant. The first is its lineage name. The 617 means that there were 615 other variants that were catalogued before the delta variant that no one cared about. That leads to the second point that one of the laws of epidemiology is that pathogens evolve towards co-existence with their host. In practice that means that mutations lead towards higher contagiousness and lower severity. The reason why no one cared about the other 615 is that they didn't make people as sick. The delta variant probably doesn't either. The last point is that where the mutations are is really interesting. The vaccines only allow you to immunize yourself to the spike protein. Natural immunity would allow you to immunize yourself to any of the other parts of Covid-19. That means that those who took the vaccine are susceptible to mutations in the spike protein because they won't have any of the back-up immunity to the other parts of Covid-19. Now the dominant variant has mutations in the spike protein... That vaccinated people can't fight off... Oh and most of the severe outbreaks are in heavily vaccinated countries...