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OrenthalGMudbone 11 points ago +11 / -0

Fucking do something Trump. Say more. 1 or 2 times lip service 6 months later JUST ISN'T CUTTING IT.

Unbelievably disappointing. These people took off work and spent their own money to come hundreds or thousands of miles ON YOUR CALL and they'll now be monitored and harassed by the domestic Stasi for the rest of their lives. Trust that it definitely won't just be those who were in and around the Capitol. Eventually anyone with a cell phone pinging in DC that day will be in the dragnet.

We expected this from the rest of the GOP.

This is the verboten subject for 90% of the "conservative media." The few like Julie Kelly, Darren Beattie are saints for continuing to shed light on how fucked up this whole thing is. We wouldn't know much beyond the "official narrative" of 1/6 = 9/11 * the Holocaust * Pearl Harbor * The Civil War if it weren't for a few brave voices continuing to speak out and write articles.