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Chesteraarthur2 75 points ago +77 / -2

Every restaurant I go to in the NY region is literally turning people away because they don't have the staff to handle full capacity. It is totally insane.

TheOutlawPepeWales 53 points ago +53 / -0

We have the same problem in SWVA. There are jobs avaiable everywhere that nobody is willing to do because the welfare state pays them more to stay home. The local DQ doesn't serve burgers anymore, and the Subway is closed during the middle of the week. I had a new kid screw up my order yesterday after I had already corrected him twice, but I didn't make a fuss because at least he fucking showed up. It's really sad that our standards have sunk so low.

basedvirginian 28 points ago +30 / -2

Same in Richmond, fren. Every restaurant here is practically begging for people to work.

The entitled communists refuse to…

SentryS -29 points ago +6 / -35

Entitled communists refuse to work….. are you mentally retarded?

“Every restaurant here is practically begging for people to work……… (you forgot the most important part: criteria for being hired is you must be cult jabbed and wear a mask)

fucking idiot. Please go and get your self vaccinated and pick up the slack then. Make your own sandwich.