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We need to stop referring to traitorous scum by names that sound like cute little kids toys.

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You’ve obviously never heard of the glow in the dark, cia n-words.

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I get it. Just my opinion.

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DicerningSword 17 points ago +18 / -1

Learn and adapt in ways our corrupt establishment adversaries cannot.. The harder and more overt the measures of oppression they use the more energy we gather and in this way we harness our opponents strength and employ it against them..

A corrupt foe cannot help but serve the corruption that employs them and these internal inconsistencies and contradictory motives is our best opportunity for victory.

Deny them the foe they desire and instead offer the serpent a taste of it's own tail it will consume itself.. Remember always that this is an asymmetric engagement and we cannot play the opponents game. We win with new emergent ideas and concepts that befuddle our plodding foes..

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I remember this video. Pretty sure this guy was standing next to that John Sullivan character.

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He is also seen with the traitor Antifa John Sullivan on that same evening. Sullivan was right next to him. He is also recorded on the 6th when the guy with the backward cap is pushing at the barricades. This scumbag whispers something in his ear. They know the female police officer down (she gets caught under the barricade and they help her up) shortly after.

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Robert Barnes just said this on the livestream a few minutes ago. lol

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That guy figures prominently in several vids...

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There are two types of feds; those who instigate resistance and those who prevent it.

wolfsettler -2 points ago +1 / -3

So they instigate and then prevent the actions they then instigated? Got it!

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That side eye at the end, like “You little shit.”

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That’s what she said.... exactly

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Found an article that said he was a store owner from Arizona.

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Oh, snap. The feds backed Antifa directly, just as we suspected.

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I doubt this due to some points I took from the live multi-stream I was watching and the Unite America First with Will Johnson live stream https://www.facebook.com/uniteamericafirst/videos/152995946599902/ which is still available.

There were about 100-200 people in that crowd, in reference to the video above.

John Sulivan was there with 6-7 BLM that night, again in reference to the video above.

John Sulivan was seen walking past many people, standing next to many people and taking photo's that night.

Baked Alaska and his group of live streamers/followers were also there, they were the ones calling/chanting Fed and Boomer. This happened more than twice that night.

Unite America First with Will Johnson, referenced image.

A couple of fights nearly broke out due to his group of drunk/drug-induced followers calling Trump supporters boomers.

Watching a multi-stream you will notice Baked Alaska call/chant that someone usually a Trump supporter is a Fed and Boomer since Baked Alaska became anti-Trump.

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So you think it was a fake article? I saw Jade Sacker with John Sullivan the following day on the Jan 6th live streams.

rshackleford 1 point ago +1 / -0

The article says they contacted and spoke with Ray Epps, the article does not state said Ray Epps is a Fed and/or Informant for, like this post/twitter link suggest. John Sullivan is most likely an Informant for the Feds.

Note: Most people who were out there before the Jan 6th were at the Capitol so it's no surprise they'd be on someones live stream.