new artist on the block (media.patriots.win) 🧀     CRACKHEAD     🧀
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Yeah anyone who was even somewhat familiar with the history of W would know he has done this forever and mostly as a hobby. It’s nothing like Biden’s obvious money laundering scheme.

Could still be a money laundering/payoff thing if he sold his paintings for half a million. For which I could not find any info online so he seems to be in the clear. (or just more interested in hiding it)

But with the rest of your post I can not agree. We need to start painting with broad strokes if we want to achieve anything.

Every Republican in politics is just MUH UNIPARTY NEOCON RINO.

Yes maybe there are good republicans in power. But at the very least they are ineffective and unable to do anything. So who cares if they get caught in the crossfire.

Every conservative doctor endorsing vaccines is a SHILL.

Who cares whether he is a shill, a evil traitor or just a non-informed idiot who parrots what his bosses tell him. He is useless and should be discarded.

Everyone who disagrees with anyone here on anything is MUH TRAITOR.

Yes. Everybody who is not with us is against us, was a phrase our artist from above coined.

Can we disagree on details? Maybe. Can we disagree on what needs to be done? Yes, but that makes the disagreeing person definitely not an ally.

Apparently, even Trump is a UNIPARTY NEOCON RINO to most people here because he didn’t get himself killed to bail out a bunch of larping fools that got him blacklisted from every major organization / platform in our country on January 6.

That's right. Because before January 6th the media was his ally and would broadcast his election message 24 hours right? Come on, I thought we were way past "just think of the optics"