new artist on the block (media.patriots.win) 🧀     CRACKHEAD     🧀
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Snipthetipandsip 4 points ago +4 / -0

Yeah because 2016 was supposed to be Bush vs Clinton leading Clinton the obvious win. This was the script. Trump read it, said "Nahh I'm gonna save America instead" and won. Bush wasn't treated unfairly, he is the kin of the man who said on national television "New World Order". It was NYT that was the first rag to publish "weapons of mass destruction", he signed the patriot act, and his admin was the reason why we call them "neo-cons". He was apart of the uni-party. This was at a time when most people were still asleep and the media could still pretend it was unbiased. How many of your peers are fucked up from doing a tour in afghanistan or Iraq? A pointless war that justified the first degrading of our 4th amendment by the federal government. The Bush's are as swamp as they come.

Forgotmypass666 1 point ago +1 / -0

Look I'm not going to sit here and defend Bush, I have no respect for the man and I didn't like a lot of things that he did but if we are talking facts he was treated unfairly. Hell remember Dan rather?