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Yeah also fuck the Olympics.

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I mean, she's a blm supporter. Maybe she'll go looting in Tokyo.

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k, well, I don't really agree. I thought that way but then I saw what she said in some article somewhere. She was waiting around five hours to do her routine and she was having uncontrollable shaking, she was really worried about it. She felt dizzy and nauseous and she said it was nerves and how everyone was expecting so much of her (she was expected to win six gold medals which is two more than she won four years ago). She said her head wasn't in it and her nerves were rattled.

A screw up in gymnastics at this level, can mean a broken neck if you really don't want to be there and don't want to do it. You can't flip around three times in the air and stick a landing if you're all shakey and nervous and want to run away.

I think she made the right call. This isn't a case of someone like Keri STrugg who just had to get through a routine on a sprained ankle to win the team gold. It's the mental part and it happens and I think Simone made the right call.

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She was dragging the others down. And fuck her!!

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Biles hasn't ruled out doing up to 4 individual events next week. So, she literally quit on the team, but is selfish enough to keep her options open for individual glory. Any bets that she competes, knowing that the judges are aware of her "mental distress"? They will probably award her 4 golds (assuming she doesn't fall on her face), because they'll think "She's soooo brave to gut it out, despite all the pressure. Blah, blah..." Even if she were to win on merit, no one would ever give her full credit because of her 'revelation'. If she doesn't win, she essentially gave herself an 'out' for the bad performance. She should've either pull out of Olympics completely, or she should've kept her mouth shut and just did the best she could.

Now all I can think of is: Don't trust Biles. Biles is asshoe.

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I love Deace! He does a great daily show on The Blaze (available all over for free), and I highly recommend people check out at least one show.

If he had more characters I'm sure he would add on something like:

"And then we would praise them to the highest esteem as it crumbled, for their virtue knew no bounds."

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Steve is terribly underrated with the work he does with The Blaze, and for those who require politically purity,

He literally went on Glenn Beck’s Wednesday special and presented so much info about the stolen election, they almost had to hit the dump button for profanity. He was goat snake pissed.

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Giving so much influence, power and recognition to somebody I've never heard of, doing something I don't care about, in a useless event on the other side of the world, financed by taxpayers' dollars is, at least in my opinion, the far better metaphor here

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Fuck you Deace. Some of us are picking up the flag and facing the enemy, come what may. Don't project your shortcomings on us.

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She was paid to quit, just like doomer shills are paid here to doom. Nothing can stop what’s coming.

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Remember kids: Everyone respawns. You can always start over. If not, rage-quit.

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WRONG we are winning! They are losers who don’t even know how to COMPETE!

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Nope. There's only got Amplified because people are praying we would do this

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"The Country doesn't have Covid, the Country has Cancer!"

Black Cancer