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minotaurbeach 2 points ago +2 / -0

One million illegals crossed the border, many covid positive. When I inquired about this at my previous job, my question was called 'racist'.

Don't wear a mask anywhere. I got the Canadian neighbor to not wear one anymore. They can't prove you are not vaxxed- and it is illegal to ask someone about their health status, ESP in California.

Several HIV and AIDS laws passed on the dog's hair- that it is illegal to question someone's health background. If someone asks. You can ask loudly how many venereal diseases they have had, and a list of all the people that work there with aids. Either the other laws protecting people with aids that are legally able to infect others -needs to be flipped or fuck off.

There is NO crisis- and I won't vax. Ask me again when every single illegal alien has got one. It would be racist not to- Gretta said we hogged all the shots.