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I haven’t shot a gun in about 4 years when I shot a 12 gauge in Boy Scouts. I guess I’m just looking for something for personal defense so I just suppose a handgun would be best. except I have no idea what to get. Politically speaking guns are one of the least topics I know about. I need something to fight off the feds and commies that’s easy to carry

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Alot of ranges rent them so you can try and find what feels right to you.

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It's best to discuss matters like this off line. Ask a trusted friend or do some research on your own. You'll probably get some good advice here on what firearm to purchase, but I'd keep my own council on such matters. You'll know what works the best for you when you find it. Just my 2 cents.

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Glock 19

MADRID 1 point ago +1 / -0

12 GA. DOUBLE BARREL COACH GUN and 00 buckshot

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Something name-brand (Sig, Springfield, Ruger, Glock, CZ, Kahr, HK, Walther, etc.; stay away from cheap, cheesy gun mfrs, no matter what the Taurus & Hi-Point fanboys say... ;) , in a compact or subcompact pistol in 9mm. The newest pistols have so-called 1.5-stack (stack-and-a-half) magazines, with capacity around 10-15 rounds, which is between that of compacts and the subcompact pistols. The Sig 365 & Springfield Hellcat have 1.5-stack magazines. Mag+1 in the gun, and a spare mag, and you're talking 27-30 rounds. Not bad.

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Get a shotgun, you don't need skill to use it.

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You need more than one kind. I would suggest a PMR-30 for travel and either a .45 or a 357 for home protection.

empiretc 1 point ago +1 / -0

Keltec P3AT is a good starter pistol. It is a 380, so ammo is easily available and this is good for personal defense (conceal carry).

If you want something for the home, get a shotgun. The Remington 870 is an affordable, fantastic 12 gauge.

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Unless you have tons of time for training and money to blow on ammo for practice, stick to a rifle for your first gun. If you want a low recoil battle rifle, go with a 5.56 AR platform - if just want SOMETHING get a .22LR. I would advise you from staying away from exotic rounds until the ammo crisis is over (.300Blkout, 6.5 Creedmoor, 5.7mm) and also away from full powered hunting rounds like .308 (don't need that kind of power for home defense.) Another good option might be a Pistol caliber carbine, but ill let you look into what I've ready said.

Taylor3006 1 point ago +1 / -0

In the old days I would have said a good 12 gauge pump action shotgun. Now with the way the world is, a M134 minigun would be my suggestion. Oh and ammo, lots and lots of ammo...

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Shotguns are great for home defense. They have low penetrating rounds so you don't shoot your neighbors they the wall. Also hearing a pump shotgun rack a shell is scary AF for home invaders. Last benefit, you can't miss.

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Whichever one comes with a lesson.