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I've seen countless stories of people who had their friends or family abandon them over politics. "What a shame" I would say in my head.

Well that finally happened to me, my dudes I've known since 6th grade (in my 30s now) went full TDS vaxxfag on me and said buh bye. Literally (they were) in a state of hysteria. Unwilling to debate. Parroting MSM "facts" and "science" ... unbelievably SAD!

Lesson learned: marxism took my broskies. Its a powerful and disgusting thing we must not take lightly.

Fuck em. They'll never be free. What a fucking shame.

They'll probably read this at some point... so, all I'll say is: enjoy your eternal slavery, I warned you, ya fuckin morons.

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You start out thinking you can just explain some facts they might not have heard.

Then you’re sure you can convince them with a source they won’t reject.

Then you figure you can convince them with reason and logic.

Then you are confident the very outcomes unfolding before their eyes will make it clear.

Then you wonder when they’ll come around on their own.

Then you decide to just drop politics as a discussion topic.

Then you realize unreality permeates their whole world in ways that can’t be easily ignored.

Then you find they increasingly push their own ignorant TV-repeating slogans and false reality into your world and get offended if you won’t play along.

Then you discover that even the things they once agreed with you about, or that you irrefutably proved to them, are as slippery and reversible as the latest social media ‘newsfeed’.

Then you uncover that they will say or believe anything that lets them achieve a congruent emotional state mirroring the electronically mediated virtue signals, slogans, and fake news celebrity attitudes they are exposed to on their devices.

Then you feel the wicked influence of their mindlessness seeping degeneracy into every aspect of their lives.

Then you find out that a deep well of hysteria, fear, bigotry, and hatred lie shallow under the cover of political correctness, buzzwords, and self-righteous attitude.

Then you observe that they won’t actually protect you or support you in real-world instances where you are confronted by decisions that put you in opposition to the signal.

Then it dawns on you that they are more likely to be “Good Germans” than they are to show you personal loyalty.

Then you grasp that they line up with your enemies on every issue.

Then you see proof that they have dehumanized and outgrouped you, and even endorsed justifications for imprisoning you, stripping away your possessions, and even interning you indefinitely.

Then you become worried that they are sharing knowledge and data about you with others who are even more dangerous and threatening to your safety.

Then you are confronted with the fact that they have betrayed you completely, and as they move toward you with the mob, you wonder if you can hesitate any longer.

The people you once thought you knew are gone, and the signal zombies inhabiting their empty-headed shells are not your friends

from https://patriots.win/p/12igveRcdd/x/c/4J9LgBR89jT

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This is very valuable and well said. Saved. Thank you!