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Good morning patriots. America lovers, and freedom fighters, and to a lesser extent the globohomo FBI.

I am active duty Army currently and today they reissued mask orders for all soldiers inside buildings. The amount of people I've already heard today complaining about how they only took the experimental gene therapy so they wouldnt have to wear the mask is both disheartening and hilarious.

I have been spreading the word since day one that this was nothing more than a political stunt to remove Trump, control the people, and erode freedoms but nearly everyone I spoke to about it played me off as a loon. I was told I got my news from Trump websites (while not false look who was right again) and most disturbingly, lots of people telling me we just have to follow orders. It's sad to see so many people bowing to government tyranny but it's also satisfying seeing all the people that threw my words back in my face get what I've been warning them of.

The military is not going to be the ones to save anything. This organization is as complacent as any other. Stay strong pedes. Were in for a long road.

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100% same story in another sevice I won't name due to reasons. The sheep got mad but put them back on