THE MIGHTY PILLOW SALESMAN (media.patriots.win)  SALT MUST FLOW        
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My Pillow is literally the only "institution" conservatives have left.

The government, media, and every other corporation is against us.

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We will win with our good sleep and comfortable towels, dammit!

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I've seen lots of interviews, speeches, and various other things from Mike Lindell.

Personally, I believe the man is a Christian and he believes the election was fraudulent and stolen in an orchestrated way. He's so passionate about this that he's devoted is life towards exposing it. He's not perfect and he makes mistakes, but he's one great dude that deserves respect

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Don’t forget our Giza dream sheets

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but have you tried the sheets!?

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I think we still have Hobby Lobby, right?

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And Chik Fil a!!!

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And Home Depot.

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Hopefully he can be president someday after globohomo is defeated

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well, we do have one other thing going for us. reality. as in, everything these people do is bullshit rhetoric. but the sun will still rise in the East even if you call it racist. they can pretend it's not rising, they can pen articles stating it's not....but back in reality, it is.

you can only do that for so long before reality just snaps you back into it.

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  • ”FOrTiFyiNg DeMocRacY” = Election fraud committed by Democrats

  • ”UnDeRmINinG DeMocRacY” = Forensic audits requested by Conservatives

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Don’t be racist bro.

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If it is afraid, we can beat it.

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But if it bleeds, we can kill it.

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His products are also outstanding.

BlacknWhite 3 points ago +3 / -0

He has a new platform.


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I'm glad I've bought several hundred dollars of quality products from him this last year, including tools from a made in USA company on his store which led me to buy more from that company directly.

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Well, since they always use Double Speak, we can imply they mean he can establish Democracy. Makes sense too since we haven't had it in who knows how long so no one can be a threat to it.

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Because we are a constitutional republic not a democracy.

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States have Democracy and that's where we're fighting for it. The peoples enemies are subverting the States Democratic process and producing an illegitimate Federal government.

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Democrats don't give a flying fuck about democracy and don't even know what the word means. They are perfectly fine with fraudulent, fake elections as long as Democrats are installed. Their ideal form of government is a Democrat totalitarian collectivist dystopia. That's what they dream of and agitate for.

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In alaska, the democat mayor was removed for a sex scandal and by law a special election for a new mayor was required to be held.

The democrat majority in the city council using covid as an excuse refused to allow the special election.. and instead appointed one of the democrats as indefinite acting mayor until the next regular election.

These are the people pretending to care about democracy.

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They are trying to engage a smear campaign before the Pillow Merchant™ releases the data proving beyond any reasonable doubt that the election was tampered with. They are backed into a corner and will do anything to distract the revelation that is coming.

We have all seen the Maricopa County hearings last week with evidence clearly showing that the 2020 Election was fraudulent. Captain Seth and Dr Frank have also analysed data casting doubt on the results of the election.

Fulton County is also showing massive error rates in the hand count, up to 59%

Wisconsin is also starting an audit

An audit bill was proposed in Florida

An audit bill was proposed in Pennsylvania

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Patriots are enemies of the deep state